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EKO-LIGHT is a Polish company born out of pure passion for creating beautiful, yet useful products. From the very beginning, our aim has been to manufacture alternatives to what is commonly available and unchanging on the Polish market. Our product range is addressed both to large retail chains and individual clients. 


MiLAGRO brand is a premium line of products. It consists of decorative light fittings renowned for their innovation, timelessness, minimalism, precious materials, precision of workmanship, elegance and harmony.


The Madlit brand includes power tools, hand tools and also industrial and garden accessories.


Leader of the technical lighting. Our products offer in this field is diversified in order to meet investors’ needs. It consists of technical lighting, different kinds of light sources, LED fittings and accessories, light decorations and others.


Collection designed by Maciej Zień. His association with the MiLAGRO brand was born out of a shared passion for creating beautiful objects. Thanks to this passion and also unusual creativity, the Premium collection of lighting came into existence.


EKO-LIGHT comprises the following brands: 

ELIGHT – a leader on the technical lighting market which boasts a very wide range of products, such as decorative lighting, light sources, technical fittings, LED strips and ventilation articles. 

MiLAGRO – a premium brand of timeless and elegant decorative lighting. Our Premium collection is designed by a world-class designer Maciej Zień. 

MADLIT – a brand specializing in power tools, hand tools as well as garden and industrial accessories, which are designed for people who value high quality and durability.


Maciej Zień is a world-class fashion designer who presents his latest collections of clothes and accessories both in Poland and abroad with outstanding success. His association with the MiLAGRO brand – manufacturer of timeless and innovative lighting solutions – was born out of a shared passion for creating beautiful objects. 

In each of his ten design lines, the designer left a fragment of his interests and inspirations.

Those who are searching for unique lamps to adorn their houses or apartments will surely be enchanted with this collection. 


Project No. POIR.03.03.03-24-0002/19

Project No. POIR.03.03.03-24-0002/19 Project Title: "Enhancing the Visibility of EKO-LIGHT Ltd. Partnership on the International Stage." Objectives and Project Outcomes: The aim of this project is to increase the visibility and competitiveness of the company through...

Project No. POIR.03.03.03-24-0047/20

Project No. POIR.03.03.03-24-0047/20 Project Title: "Expansion of international business activities for EKO-LIGHT Ltd. Partnership through participation in the Sectoral Promotion Program for the Construction and Building Finishing Industry." Objectives and Project...

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