Project No. POIR.03.03.03-24-0047/20

Project Title: “Expansion of international business activities for EKO-LIGHT Ltd. Partnership through participation in the Sectoral Promotion Program for the Construction and Building Finishing Industry.”

Objectives and Project Outcomes:

The aim of the present project is to intensify activities related to internationalization, including increasing the brand recognition of the product, acquiring new business partners, and establishing the foundation for long-term business relationships. The tangible outcome of these efforts will be the achievement of the targeted revenue from the export sales of products and the signing of contracts with foreign partners. The activities covered by the project, integrated into the company’s long-term development strategy, aim to strengthen the company’s position in foreign markets and reinforce the brand perception, characterized by its high quality and uniqueness.

Project Value: PLN 516,400.00

Amount of European Funds Contribution to the Project: PLN 154,920.00