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MiLAGRO® „Brand, that inspires”

The MiLAGRO brand is a premium product line. It boasts decorative lighting solutions distinguished by its innovative features, timelessness, minimalism, noble materials, precision of workmanship, elegance and harmony.

The lamp manufacturing process is monitored by a passionate design department, which cooperates with renowned designers. The author of the latest Premium collection is Maciej Zień, a world-class designer.

MiLAGRO lamps are manufactured, among others, at our production plant in Poland, with the use of specialist machines. The manufacturing process undergoes strict control checks by numerous experts in their field.



Wall lamps

(decorative light fittings for hanging on the wall)

Lamy stojące

Standing lamps

(standing lamps)

Lampy wiszące

Pendant lamps

(pendant lamps and flush ceiling light fittings)

Lampy biurkowe

Desk lamps

(desk lamps and table lamps)

Akcesoria i żarówki dekoracyjne

Accessories and decorative light bulbs

(LED accessories and decorative light bulbs)