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MiLAGRO® by Maciej Zień

Maciej Zień is a world-class fashion designer who presents his latest collections of clothes and accessories both in Poland and abroad with outstanding success. His association with the MiLAGRO brand – manufacturer of timeless and innovative lighting solutions – was born out of a shared passion for creating beautiful objects.

The MiLAGRO premium line is the product of unique creativity and that very passion. In each of his ten design lines, the designer left a fragment of his interests and inspirations. From New York's Art déco style through modernity, noble materials or elements of theatre dressing room decor. Those who are searching for unique lamps to adorn their houses or apartments will surely be enchanted with this collection.

Milagro by Maciej Zień is addressed to those who want their lighting to be much more than a practical element of interior furnishings. Those who want it to be a combination of elegance, immaculate attention to detail and superior quality materials.

We are confident that any devotee of first-rate interior design and originality will find something captivating in Maciej Zień's collection.

Maciej Zień