Cassiopeia LINE

The inspiration for the beautiful Cassiopeia line can be found in astronomy. The collection makes a reference to a constellation of that name. Just as more than 90 stars in this constellation illuminate the sky, so do the lamps from the Cassiopeia line illuminate interiors with their light. 

The designer was also inspired by the world of theatre, getting his idea for the design from a theatre dressing room. An inseparable element of their design are dressing tables fitted with mirrors lit up in a characteristic and completely unique way. 

This unusual combination of inspirations led to the creation of a line of lamps which astound with their contemporary, exclusive design, soft lines and luxurious materials. The Carrara marble, already known in antiquity, is only one of the materials used. The natural stone beautifully complements the gold and silver details, making the lamp a perfect accessory to any fashionable interior.

CASSIOPEIA collection

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