Libra LINE

This unique line of lamps confirms that inspiration can be found everywhere. The shape of Libra pendant and wall lamps makes a reference to traditional pipe organs which can be found in churches, synagogues and concert halls. Oval and oblong shapes, truncated ends and soft lines – these are the key hallmarks of the Libra line.

The collection is dominated by black and gold, which adds a luxurious, jewellery-like touch. These two colours seemingly contrast with each other, while creating a uniform, visually attractive and fashionable combination that successfully complements both minimalist and glamorous interiors.

Moreover, the mixture of black and gold hues enables the light to reflect beautifully, resembling rays of sunshine. The Libra line comprises four lamp models: single and triple pendant lamp, and matching wall lamps. Together they create a stunning, harmonious ensemble which welcomes the play of light into your home.

Collection Libra