This collection is built on contrasts. On the one hand, the Lecerta line features simple, geometric, and sometimes even sharp shapes, like square wall lamps. On the other hand, the designer has also created a selection of elongated and oval pendant lamps, which are reminiscent of icicles. This clash of subtlety and daring creates a unique, elegant and very stylish effect, which is wonderfully complemented by the emitted light. 

The side LED strips provide a powerful, yet subtle line of light, which perfectly lights up the room and emphasizes the luxurious nature of the raw materials from which the lamps are built. The sumptuous Carrara marble is the key to this collection. This white stone embellished with grey streaks was already incredibly popular in antiquity and was used by artists such as Michelangelo. Here, the marble is delicately softened with gold or chrome details, adding a touch of glamour. 

The Lacerta line boasts a great variety of models. It comprises pendant lamps and icicle-shaped all lamps, wall lamp in the shape of a marble plate, and the marble plate itself.


LECERTA collections